The Boot Sail
The go anywhere landyacht for all ages!

From boot..... beach

Fun for kids from 9 to 90!

Specification( all approx.):

Overall length: 1.2m. to 1.4m (adjustable)
Width 1.55m.
Mast length 4.3m. in 3 sections.
Boom length 1.53m.
Wheels: 3.50 x 8 tyres on plastic rims.
Approximate total weight 40 kg.
Sail: standard 3.5 sq. m. Dacron/Mylar.
optional 3.0 sq. m.
Seat construction: Glass Fibre.
Chassis: galvanised steel or optional powder coated.
Rear axles aluminium.

Only £950 complete!

For full exciting details contact Kirrawee.

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