Kirrawee Land Yachts
Racing Model

This is the machine for you if you want serious speed.
A full racing specification land yacht with delta chassis, two part racing seat and composite racing wheels, it will give the ultimate in class 5 performance.
As we make these yachts to order, each one is slightly different. The exact specification and equipment level will be specified by the purchaser.
Despite its racing performance, this model is suitable for relative beginners although we would recommend at least one day spent with our training centre beforehand.

Specification (all approx)

Overall length: 3.5m. Wheel-base 2.5m. Width 2m.
Front wheel: 20 x 1.95 BMX type plastic.
Rear wheels: 26" composite racing wheels for sand. Optional airfield wheels 18/19" aluminium.
Sail area 5.5 sq. m.
Various options on sail type, pulley blocks, colour schemes etc.

For full exciting details contact Kirrawee.

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