Kirrawee Land Yachts
Starter Model

This machine is ideal for beginners, as well as more experienced pilots. The over-wide axles make this yacht very safe and steady, but can be easily shortened to Class 5 specification (2 metre width) if required.
The complete yacht will fit inside many hatch-back or estate cars, but will travel easily on a roof-rack. Several can be carried on a trailer. Assembly is simple and takes minutes. The chassis is galvanised steel, with aluminium axles and a fibre-glass seat.

Specification( all approx.):

Overall length: 3.5 m. Height: 5.72m. Width 2.4m. Width of seat: 50 cm.
Lower mast: 3.05 m. Middle section: 144cm. Top section 125 cm.
Wheels: 4.80 x 4.00 plastic rims.
Approximate total weight 47 kg.
Pulley blocks: Barton triples.
Sail: various sails are available with or without reefing points.
Price £1980 complete.

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New 2003 model!
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